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Homoerotic Jesus Poster Stirs Controversy in Seville, Spain –

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Conservative Roman Catholics SevilleSpain has deemed a poster as being of Jesus ChristCreated to promote Easter Week, offensive.

The poster shows Christ with his lower-half covered in a white sheet, and his beard and long hair. It is set against a saturated red background. It was designed by Seville–based artist Salustiano Garcia.

Holy Week, which includes Good Friday, Easter Sunday and the celebration of Jesus’ death and resurrection, is celebrated. Seville is famous for its large celebrations around this occasion.

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The council of brotherhoods and guilds, which oversees Easter week events in the Spanish city, claim the poster demonstrates “the radiant side of Holy Week” in the “purest style of this prestigious painter,” Yahoo reported.

The leader of Spain’s ruling socialist party and former mayor of Seville Juan Espadas fought for the artwork, arguing that it combined both “tradition and modernity”.

The Archbishop of Seville is also a member Defending the WorkAs an act of artistic expression.

Many people have, however criticized the poster’s purported sexuality.

“It’s absolutely shameful and an aberration,” wrote the conservative Catholic IPSE, adding that the portrayal was “effeminate” and “camp”, demanding a public apology from the artist.

The leader of the far-right Vox party Javier Navarro added that the poster “sought to provoke” with little effort to encourage Holy Week participation.

The artist tells right-leaning ABCNewspaper, however, revealed that the inspiration came directly from his son.

“To see sexuality in my image of Christ, you must be mad,” Garcia said, claiming there wasn’t anything in his painting that “has not already been represented in artworks dating back hundreds of years”.

The poster’s fate remains unclear, though a petition on The poster is being repealed by the Seville’s city hall received more than 12,000 signatures in three days.


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