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Martin Scorsese Explains Difficulty of ‘Trying to Direct’ De Niro and DiCaprio

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Martin Scorsese explained “trying” to direct Leonardo DiCaprio and Robert De Niro’s performances in Killers of the Flower MoonDuring a recent interview, The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. The Oscar-nominated true crime epic marked Scorsese’s 10th collaboration with De Niro and sixth with DiCaprio. Though both actors are considered Scorsese’s muse at separate points in his career, it’s the first time they’ve worked together with the Goodfellas filmmaker.

Scorsese was previously a film. Differences between the two between De Niro and DiCaprio’s acting styles, admitting they often “roll our eyes” at the younger actor’s indulgences. Scorsese joked with Colbert that he struggled to hear the actors when he worked with them.

“I think it’s ‘trying to direct,’ as you can see,” Scorsese said when Colbert displayed a photo of the three men. Scorsese is seen slouching beside DiCaprio, while De Niro and DiCaprio are in deep conversation. “They have their own ideas,” the director said frankly.

“The thing with De Niro and Leo,” Scorsese continued, “[is] instinctively they’re the same, but they work outwardly differently. Bob does less talking. Leo is a big talker. A great deal,” the filmmaker stressed. “Bob is always a little more pulled back.”

“But the two of them together are wonderful,” Scorsese added.

Scorsese revealed when Colbert said that De Niro is difficult to talk to, he agreed. he’s talking now more than ever. “Back in the ‘70s he never spoke. Never,” the director said. “Even at dinner parties. He’d come to a dinner party, he would be there and never say a word. But he wasn’t [present].”

Killers of the Flower MoonThe 10 Oscar nominations include Scorsese’s 10th Best Director nomination. He is now the most-nominated living director in Oscar history. Lily Gladstone became the first Native American actress to be nominated for Best Actress. The late Robbie Robertson also earned his first Oscar nomination for the film’s score.


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