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Podcast #962 – The Case for Minding your Own Business

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If you attend the graduation of a senior college student, the commencement address is likely to include the following themes: Do something great. Make yourself known. Change the world.

My guest does not agree with this advice and believes that we should focus on improving our own backyards, rather than trying to solve large-scale issues.

Brandon Warmke, a professor of Philosophy and co-author of Why It’s OK to Mind Your Own Business. Today on the show, Brandon explains why what he calls “commencement speech morality” distorts our moral vision by emphasizing one version of the good and valuable life, at the expense of the value and good of a life marked by “ordinary morality.” Brandon first unpacks the dangers of intervening in other people’s business, including becoming a moralizer and a busybody. He then makes the case for the benefits to living in solitude, putting down roots and creating a good life.

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