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Podcast #963 – Launch a Million Dollar Business This Weekend

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Have you always wanted to be an entrepreneur but don’t have an idea for a business? You may have a business concept that you have been sitting on for years.

After listening to the podcast, you could have a successful business by the weekend.

Noah Kagan is here to guide you through the process of being a near-overnight business owner. Kagan, the founder of AppSumo (a software deals website) and half a dalo of other multi-million dollar companies, is also the author of Million Dollar Weekend – The Surprisingly simple way to launch a 7-figure business in 48 hours. Noah and myself discuss the two main obstacles that prevent people from starting their own business, and how to overcome these obstacles. We then move on to the practicalities, such as how to come up with and vet a business concept, how to find customers, and how you can continue to grow. Noah and I will share our insights on how we turned AppSumo, and Art of Manliness respectively, from side hustles to rewarding careers.

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