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We Finally Got a Better Look at Bode’s Upcoming Nike Sneaker

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We’ve been anxiously awaiting a closer look at the hotly anticipated Bode x Nike Astro GrabberIt was first rumored to be released in late 2023. Confirmed with the release last month of official imagery for Bode Fall/Winter 2024 collection, which featured the sleek black and white waffle-soled sneakers as a central part of the Bode Recreation capsule, we haven’t heard a whole lot about the Astro Grabber besides what we’ve been able to glean from those precious few campaign glimpses.

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But we got some more answers this week, from an unlikely source: Baltimore Ravens linebacker Roquan Smith’s recent interview with GQ SportsHe breaks down his AFC Championship look. Front and center are none other than the Nike x Bode Astro Grabbers themselves in all their glory, with some of the most detailed close-ups of the silhouette that we’ve yet seen—both on feet as part of Smith’s very clutch ensemble and entirely on their own.

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The shoe is, as predicted, a premium, modern update of the classic Nike soccer shoe. It was designed in mid-’70s, by Nike cofounder Bill Bowerman to provide improved traction on artificial turf. The luxe feel combines beautifully with the shoe’s overall vintage aesthetic, with detailing that reflects the handmade quality Bode is known for. It also makes a perfect kind of sense that we’re seeing this shoe up close for the first time courtesy of Roquan Smith; the original Nike Astro Grabber was made famous as the official shoe of quarterback Dan Fouts, so we’re continuing with a slice of football history.


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