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What a Hair Transplant Looks Like—Week By Week

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Hair loss is my favorite topic to cover as a grooming writer—or rather, hair regrowth and retention are my favorite topics to cover since there are some drastically effective ways to reverse male-pattern thinning or to actually prevent hair lossThis stuff is life-changing for a guy’s confidence, much more than most moisturizers, tubes of toothpaste or shampoos prove to be. This stuff is life-changing for a guy’s confidence, much more than most moisturizers, tubes of toothpaste, or shampoos prove to be (not that I don’t like writing about those things, too). I feel a duty to speak out openly and with pride Hair transplantation.

Finasteride is available in the United States. MinoxidilThey work amazingly well to keep hairs locked in place, but not every hair that has been lost can be restored without a hair transplant. I was severely recessed and it usually goes away without intervention. As for general crown thinning, without a transplant, you can only really restore the hairs you’ve lost in the last one or two years, and it requires persistent use Minoxidil and/or finasteride.

Roughly three-and-a-half years from my transplant, I want to show some of my results, as well as my partner’s results (as of these photos, he’s entering month eight). I’ll explain how our needs differed in terms of hair type, density, and loss patterns, what to expect in terms of results, and I’ll give you some cold-hard advice on how to approach a hair transplant (and whether or not you should just forego it altogether).

I want to make one thing clear: There’s no shame in going bald. In fact, I envy the guys who embrace it better than I could have—and I’ve got a bald father and brother, both wearing the polished dome handsomely.

Where Can We Get Hair Transplants?

We both went to Turkey for our hair transplants—similar to an anonymous GQWriter Who recently did the same?. Specifically, my partner André and I went to Dr. Serkan Aygin’s clinic. And if you want the endorsement up front, you’re getting it: Fantastic results. Fan-fricken-tastic.

The decision to go to Istanbul wasn’t a hard one. For starters, we live in Europe, and it was only a few hours’ flight, which took some of the heat off of flying home on a long-haul flight. Istanbul is home to a large number of doctors who are world-class. You can get a $3,000 to $4,000 procedure in Turkey that would cost you between $10,000 and $30,000 in the US. (FWIW) If you’re looking for cheaper Botox in NYC, you can still save money by booking a flight between Kansas and NYC and getting Botox.

In Istanbul you can expect to spend between $2,000 and $5,000, inclusive of flights, hotels, and other expenses, for the best facilities. Do you really need to make a decision based on geographical convenience? Not to mention the fact that every fifth guy at the Istanbul airport has just plucked his dome. Not a single person is going to stare at you funny for walking through security with a rosy and scabby scalp—I promise. It’s kind of weird how NormalIt all feels there


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