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Woodford Reserve's Beloved Limited-Edition Bourbon Is Finally Back on the Market

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Woodford Reserve releases limited-edition whiskies that are among the best. The Kentucky-based drink maker’s long list of limited releases—including its Distillery Series and master’s collection—continues to palpitate the hearts of whiskey lovers, even amidst the ever-growing sea of new bourbons buoying out of the Bluegrass State. Of all the brand’s limited bottlings, however, there’s one in particular that gets whiskey fans excited: the Woodford Reserve Double Double Oaked Bourbon. Almost every year since 2015, hordes of loyal Woodford Reserve fans line up at the distillery in mid-winter just for the opportunity to snag a bottle. 

“The bourbon category is known to have passionate consumers who [are captivated by] special bottlings,” says master distiller Elizabeth McCall. “Our Woodford Reserve Double Double Oaked is a special, hard-to-come-by release that tastes delicious.”

To make Double Double Oaked, fully mature Woodford Reserve Double Oaked are finished for an additional year in a heavily toasted, lightly charred oak barrel. The extra year in a new barrel creates a bourbon that is distinctly spicier than its original counterpart, which is known for its sweeter tasteYou can also find out more about the following: finish.

The Whisky offers aromas of rich maple syrup, butterscotch, and dark chocolate, alongside touches of burnt marshmallows and hickory smoke. The palate offers dried cherry, ripe berries, and fresh apple, with warm notes of tea, clove, and cinnamon. The warm, dried finish leaves a lingering flavor of clove.

“All of this depth of flavor is achieved by finishing our complex bourbon in our custom Double Oaked barrel, the world’s first barrel designed just for finishing whiskey,”McCall. “The Double Oaked barrel is heavily toasted, which brings out the sweet vanilla notes in the oak, and is lightly charred. This is a whiskey to be treasured.”

Double Double Oak is 90.4 proof with a suggested retail value of $90 for the 375ml bottle. The Woodford Reserve Distillery is currently selling it. Customers are limited to buying two 375ml bottles. 

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